So I tried the PC demo of the Avatar video game, and I must admit:  I liked it.  Well, perhaps not “liked“, but there was something enjoyable in the game.

For  a video game, it’s simply gorgeous.  I think the only way to be let down by the graphics would be to compare it to the movie version’s computer graphics, which would be an unfair connection – or perhaps using an older computer.   It’s a lush setting with plants, animals and man (and Na’Vi)-made products.  It’s also pretty durned spiffy when it briefly switches to night-time and we get to see the planet in its luminescent glory.

It’s a dangerous planet.  Like the movie, if you get attacked it’s your own fault for either not treading lightly enough or for just getting too close.  You do not belong here, former Marine.  Yankee, go home.

But then as one eases himself into the role, and squeezes the trigger the first time, one can pretend just how awesome it can be to have that firepower at one’s command.  Concerned something will attack?  Shoot it with the machine gun.  Don’t like how that flower is looking at you?  Burn that veggie with the flamethrower.   See a pack of angry “hyenas”?  Well, there’s no wishing we’d brought grenades for these four-legged Reavers, because a gun is loaded with them.

And just when one is happy that he gets to exact his revenge upon the fictional world of which so many are depressed cannot be real, he gets the option to drive a freakin’ Mech!  A Mech is an exoskeleton of pure power and armor:

Don’t blame me for enjoying myself.  I like being human.  We have not have always had a proud past, and certainly I would be hard-pressed to not follow one of Avatar‘s messages:  To be wary of large companies with powerful mercenary forces.  But then, I like being human.  I like all the beautiful things we are so able to do.  And,  I don’t have to go to the fictional moon called ‘Pandora’ to see wondrous scenery.   So many can be found here on earth.  So many inspiring places are even man-made as well as natural.

So forgive me as I fulfill a small fantasy of running ramshod through a movie’s setting which had most humans set as the bad guys, not even worth the prayer Pandoran animals received.  I won’t buy the game, because I have no doubt that somewhere within will lie an imposed-lesson on how awful it is to be human.   But if any of this sounds appealing, I’d suggest the demo is well-worth the price of admission.

It sure is better therapy than becoming suicidal.