Another pretty awesome review from RedLetterMedia who originally brought us the epic 70-minute review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.  This time around, he tackles Avatar.  Both this and the former review are very insightful looks into the movies, and just watching them are events in-of-themselves.

Content warning:  Adult language and probably not safe for work video.

I wasn’t as moved by District 9‘s aliens as he apparently was;  at the time I found them so inhuman to not allow sympathy.  His point is well-taken, though, that at least D9 director Neill Blomkamp tried.   And considering the racial undertones of D9, that likely was the whole idea:  Give us something we are naturally turned off by and eventually feel other emotions toward them.

Oh, and if you liked these but haven’t seen his (again adult language) review of Star Wars:  The Phantom Menace then pop some corn, grab a soda and sit back; like my suggestion of  taking epic revenge upon Avatar’s world through their free game demo, he guides us through SW:TPM in similar fashion, with similar results.

H/T Spooky