The cafeteria at NBC had a menu up for celebrating Black History Month selling … fried chicken and other soul food.  But because of the shifting rules of political correctness, the outcry will be far smaller, if one even bubbles up.

The chef, who is black, is absolutely correct when he says that it’s just good food, and we have no problem with places selling corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s day.  Of course, there’s also the social stigma to consider — the same which makes jokes about watermelons on the White House front lawn and the portraits of the presidents with the last frame showing a dark background with two bright eyes just plain not funny.   So even if well-intentioned, the menu may not have been so well-advised.

Because of my feelings that political correctness tends to be oppressive, I’m actually fine with the idea of no outcry.  My problem comes when it’s used as a blunt instrument, such as for drumming a political enemy out of office.  We can be fairly certain that if this had been done at a different news agency, accusations of white sheets and burning crosses would be right around the corner.  Or if FNC would have trotted out a black chef to interview as NBC did,  out would come packages of Oreo cookies, such as those thrown at Michael Steele.

EDIT:   I just have to say it really bugs me that the interviewer of the chef framed it as a battle.  “How long have you been fighting  to get this on the menu for Black History Month?”

I realize it may just be a turn of a phrase, but c’mon!