My how times have changed.  There was a time when a store may have been boycotted because of naked people. And because we’ve become a country of spoiled brats, we cry “censorship” when a company decides to not allow nudity to be shown or sold.

But the Gizmodo and Bild editors get  it completely wrong.  This is not censorship that’s protected by our Constitution.  In fact, with the freedom of speech we have the freedom of restraint.  If an individual, small business or mega-corporation should chose to not sell something, with few exceptions its’ entirely within its rights to do so.

Apple choosing to not show nudity via any of its iPod applicatons is no different than Wal*Mart not carrying the latest in porn or McDonalds not having a “RedLightBox” next to every indoor Playland.   If we don’t like it, don’t use it.  Simple as that.

I’m all for boycotting something one is against.  But one shouldn’t run around crying “wolf” (or “censorship”) every time he doesn’t get his way.   And for goodness sake, does one really need nudity that bad he has to have it with him at all times?