Other than a cheap way to attempt to raise my rarely-posted blog counts, this is to let my gentle readers know the 2010 Census forms have begun arriving to homes. As usual, be prepared to be asked your sex, income and race.

About one fourth of the Census form deals with race.  This makes me do a double-take, as it is drilled into we poor unwashed masses’ minds that it is wrong to take race into factor.  And indeed, race shouldnt matter — even to our government.   I don’t think it’s much different than the 1990 or 2000 Census questions, but perhaps it’s time to stop asking.  We’ve come a long, long way with trying to make race a non-factor.  Now is not the time to give up just because minority birth rates are outpacing those of the majority.

So how do we counter this?  I’m not sure how helpful it’ll end up in the long run, but I’m all for the push of writing  that My Race is American.   After all:  United we stand, divided we fall.