I’m not a fan of Political Correctness.  If PC were a Tweeter, I’d unfollow her.  If PC were a Facebooker, I’d unfriend him.  It has its roots in the heart, an emotional organ which should be in-balance with our brains.  But like so many’s reproductive organs, they seem to take on a brain of their own; overriding our grey matter and making us render choices not in our best interests.

Take this discussion on Why Modern Video Game Armies Lack Female Troops.  The game makers rightly say adding a woman adds a lot of work into a game.  Men and women don’t run, walk, roll, or sit the same. Their bodies tend to be different.  Not to mention these are video games, where a smaller body frame  might make for a smaller (and unfair) target.  3D game models are built that way because we’re built that way.

So I read through the comments, and see a lot of high ideals of needing more women in war games for better role models and a higher gender representation. How it’s all more important than this feature, or that cool idea.  I think it’s fantastic.

Well, my heart thinks its fantastic.  Of course I want a woman to Be All You Can Be.  The women who serve in today’s military in non-combat (but often dangerous) roles are doing a wonderful service to their country.  If I’m ever blessed with a daughter, I’d hope she would be able to become who she wishes to become.  As long as she can pass the requirements without the standards being lowered then I’d want her to be able to apply.

But there’s something different with warfare.  I realize odds are highly unlikely of the doomsday alien-destruction scenarios such as in the games Halo and Gears of War; two series that introduce female warrior characters in parts.  I can’t help but wonder if such were to happen (from alien or earthling) and women were fighting:  From whence would the future generations come?

In such dystopia is there room for women to fight if they so-choose?  Or are we all equally doomed?