For their big announcement today, the Democrats released their new logo–which is surprisingly plain:

At first blush, this makes no sense and seems like a bad choice.  But, the message is more subtle than their dear leader’s own words:

Yes.  D is for drive.  Actually, (D) is for overdrive.  That’s right:  they’re not just driving, but they’re doing it more efficiently as they cruise down the road in the highest, fastest and least gasoline using gear.   I have no doubt this is what they were going for, and that we’ll be hearing more of the “D moves us forward” types of jokes again soon.

Considering they’ve had the keys since 2006 and are rushing Thelma and Louise-like toward a cliff, I think I agree more with a commenter at the website; of what (D) stands for:

‘That looks like a graphic of the grade “D” with a circle around it. Terrible.’

Terrible, indeed.  And perhaps too high.

Update:   A visual.